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Artist Q&A with Cameron Moberg (aka. Camer1)

Cameron Moberg is a full time artist living in San Francisco with his wife and two sons, ages 18 and 16. He goes by Camer1 in the art world and will be painting the wall of the Putnam County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Fun fact: He had a short stint on reality TV!

Q: Why did you want to create a mural in Putnam County? A: I loooove Indiana! I feel at home, at peace. Coming from a metropolitan city, the change of pace allows me pause and gives me great opportunities to engage in conversations with people who walk a different path than me. I've yet to visit Putnam County but look forward to deepening my connection to Indiana! Q: How do you hope people will engage with your art?

A: At face value, I hope it's pleasing to their eyes! On a deeper level, I hope it evokes happiness and pride! Q: How did you get into mural creation? How long have you been doing it?

A: I was a precarious teenager looking for stuff to do in the big city I had just moved to. Graffiti art was calling my name. Thankfully, my interest in art evolved and expanded and I made the shift to street art (non-letter based art). I taught myself to paint anything and everything! I've spent the last twenty plus years learning, growing and sharing my art! Q: What inspires your art?

A: I am mostly inspired by nature. I developed an appreciation for it growing up in San Francisco. Escaping the city to be in the great outdoors always filled me up, so much so, that I brought it back to the city with me and incorporated it into my art. I realized that it was universal; it didn't just bring me goodness, but it brought others goodness too! Q: What's your next project? Or, where can we see more of your work?

A: Headed to Florida next! You can see my most up-to-date art on instagram, @camer1SF

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